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"AudioCipher has changed the way I think about making music. Instead of spending hours trying to come up with a chord progression or melody, I can just type in words and come up with something quickly." - Cir Crawford, Music Producer

"AudioCipher is a one-of-a-kind melody generator plugin that allows you to convert text into musical ideas. If you love to experiment with new things, you have to try AudioCipher." - Brian Clark / Musician Wave


"AudioCipher's word-to-MIDI melody generator is a neat way to beat creative block. Just type in a phrase, and the plugin will generate melodies and chord progressions instantly." - Matt Mullen / Music Radar


AudioCipher is a melody and chord generator designed to be used in a digital audio workstation.


Type in a word, phrase, or sentence and the application will translates it into MIDI output using the parameters you've set. A word will always produce the same sequence of notes, but with rhythm and chord randomization you can explore endless variations. 


Feature List


1. Melody and Chord Generator

2. 9 Scales (Major / Minor / Chromatic / Harmonic Minor / 5 additional diatonic modes)

3. 6 Chord Types (Add2, Add4, Triad, Add6, Seventh, Ninth)

4. Chord randomization (Shuffle through chord types at random)

5. Rhythm Controls (Whole, Half, Quarter, Eigth, Sixteenth, and all triplet subdivisions in between)

6. Rhythm randomization (Apply a random duration to each note or chord in your MIDI output)

7. Playback controls (Standalone app only)

8. Drag MIDI to DAW or computer folder


Join thousands of music producers who have purchased and started using AudioCipher since it originally launched in early 2021.

AudioCipher Version 3.0

  • This AudioCipher bundle includes installers for both Mac and PC. Mobile and tablet devices not currently supported. 

    MAC Installers:

    - VST3 for Ableton Live / FL Studio / others

    - AU component file loaded as a MIDI FX plugin for Logic Pro X

    - Standalone Midi app (includes playback controls)

    - Installation Guide 

    Standalone installs by default to Applications folder

    VST3 and AU install to ~/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/


    WINDOWS 10 Installer: 

    - Standalone Midi app in .MSI file format

    - VST3 installer in .EXE format 

    Standalone installs by default to C:\Program Files\AudioCipherTechnologies\



    - Getting Started Guide (Installation tips)

    - Bonus sample pack showcasing how words are turned into MIDI files, stem files, and loops. 

    As a digital product, all sales are final.

    Paypal requires a holding period of up to 48 hours to evaluate payments, which may cause a delay in the delivery of your file. For immediate access to the file and instructions, please purchase with a payment card (debit/credit).

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