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5 Best Text to Song Generators for Digital Music Creation

Text to song apps are reaching an all-time high in popularity this year, as an increasing number of software companies make moves to enter the space.

AudioCipher is currently the most popular way to turn text into MIDI melodies and chord progressions. Instead of staring at a blank project or beating yourself up trying to think up new parts for an existing song, this plugin gives you a quick source of new ideas based on text that you type in.

To use the app, you'll just pick a key signature and set up your rhythm automation. From there, you can toggle between the melody and chord generator options. Drag your words directly onto a MIDI track on your DAW and you'll be cooking in no time.

5 Alternative Text to Song Generators

The closest thing to Voicemod’s meme machine is a free iOS app from 2018 called Ditty. An early prototype to the meme machine, Ditty lets users turn text messages into songs and save them in a vertical reel format. It's only available on iPhone and iPad, leaving out android and desktop users. The vocals are a bit robotic and lack the feeling you get from Voicemod’s text-to-song app.

Ditty deserves credit as the original player in this space. It had many of the same features, producing full songs with your text in karaoke format. Voicemod took the idea further by gamifying it with modern graphics and making it more accessible to users on all devices.

A website called Melobytes also attempted a text-to-song generator for meme makers, but the audio is a complete train wreck. Gamers who thrive on these kind of musical dumpster fires have had a field day with it, but you won’t get anything close to the quality that Voicemod delivers. The site sets a good precedent for generative music based on parameters, but fails in the execution of the idea.

Riffusion is a third text-to-song generator worth exploring. It doesn't work with song lyrics but the app does use artificial intelligence to generate audio. Users type in the name of instruments or a genre that they want to hear and Riffusion gets to work. The audio quality is very rough but it's fun to experiment with.

If you go digging for other alternatives, you might discover Langorhythm. The app uses an algorithm to turn text into a random smattering of piano sounds. While it seems to have been developed in earnest by a serious programmer, the musical output sounds something like a cat walking on a piano.

Ultimately, music producers are likely to have the most control and customization with AudioCipher VST and WavTool's AI DAW.

AudioCipher turns text to song

VoiceMod's Text to Song App for non-musicians

The Voicemod Text to Song generator just launched and they’re calling it a Musical Meme Machine. With only ten templates to pick from, the app is still in its infancy. We’re coming into the holiday season now, so it makes sense that seven of those tracks are Christmas Songs. The other three are labeled urban, pop, and classical. As more song styles become available, we suspect the tool will go viral.

You may have noticed the music memes popping off on social networks this year, thanks to the growing interest in artificial intelligence. Bedroom producers started using AI text generators like GPTChat to imitate song lyrics in the style of a specific rapper. They pass those lyrics into a text-to-speech tool like UberDuck and add instrumental beats to parody the artist.

There's a problem though — your average music producer doesn’t know how to make the text sing. It’s tough to get the voice of a robot rapper to sound decent. The vocals need to be treated and chopped up to match the beat. Free autotune plugins like GVST’s Gsnap make the process accessible, but most people don’t want to invest the time.

That’s where Voicemod Text To Song comes in. People want a free tool that lets them participate in the fun without the advanced skillset. It needs to be something easy that lets you type in some lyrics and spit out a video clip for social media. Voicemod’s music generator solves that problem by rendering your lyrics and melodic vocals, in close to real-time.

How to use VoiceMod Text To Song

Voicemod’s musical meme machine is free to use and it takes less than a minute to generate a song. You’ll go through four simple steps, beginning with selecting your song style. You can take a listen to the MIDI tracks in advance by hitting play. Pay attention to the lead melody because that’s where your lyrics will be added.

Voicemod Text to Song

Once you’ve chosen a song style, it’s time to choose your singer. There are currently seven options to pick from, complete with names and illustrations. Voicemod already controls a powerful AI Voice Changer tool that predates the meme machine. So they’ve been able to leverage that tone transfer technology to make this song generator produce higher quality vocals than anything you would get from UberDuck.

Text to speech feature

Now that you selected your singer, it’s time to add vocals. Write down your lyrics and see if you can match the rhythm of the initial melody. If that’s too difficult, don’t worry about it. The app is good at holding vowels while the melody changes. Just make sure you write enough content to get through the full ~30 second song.

Feeling spicy? It’s not advised to use explicit language. You’ll get a warning as soon as you start typing in curse words and repeat attempts could get you banned from the service.

VoiceMod Tuna Music Video

If you’re ready to commit, go ahead and generate the song. You’ll have the option to listen back to the music with karaoke style lyrics ala Spotify. Download the song as a music video for your TikTok reels and give your subscribers something to laugh about!

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