Sometimes when you're working on new music, you just need a little boost to get you started. Even a few meaningful notes can get your mind moving in the right direction.


AudioCipher lets you turn words into MIDI notes as a source of creative inspiration, right within your DAW of choice. The translation between the words you choose and the notes they generate is done automatically by AudioCipher using a technique called music cryptography. All you have to do is drag and drop the file onto your virtual instrument.


AudioCipher Package

  • NOTE FOR PAYPAL USERS: Paypal requires a holding period of up to 48 hours to evaluate payments, which may cause a delay in the delivery of your file. For immediate access to the file and instructions, please purchase with a payment card (debit/credit).


    This AudioCipher bundle includes installers for both Mac and PC. Mobile and tablet devices not currently supported. You'll also find some bonuses that we threw in there to help you get started. Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive an email from us, including an optional link to join the Discord channel.


    MAC Installers:

    - VST3 for Ableton Live / FL Studio

    - MIDI FX plugin for Logic Pro X

    - Standalone Midi app (includes playback controls)

    - Installation Guide 


    WINDOWS 10 Installer: 

    - Standalone Midi app in .MSI file format

    - VST3 installer in .EXE format 



    - Getting Started Guide (some ideas on how to use AudioCipher)

    - 3 Encoder PDFs to understand how the AuidioCipher cryptogram works- 250+ Midi Files based on words organized by major/minor/chromatic